Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multirobot systems which consist of large numbers of mostly simple physical robots. It is supposed that a desired collective behavior emerges from the interactions between the robots and interactions of robots with the environment. This approach emerged on the field of artificial swarm intelligence, as well as the biological studies of insects, ants and other fields in nature, where swarm behaviour occurs.

It also Borrows many things from Mother Earth like


        How a swarm of mini bots would find earthquake survivors

 In the aftermath of an earthquake, the wreckage makes locating survivors very difficult so the first emergency  personnel to arrive on the scene can only do so much. So why not send robots instead? Advanced miniature robots, such as those in the Symbrion project being developed by researchers at a group of European universities, could go much further than their human counterparts.
 Crawling through gaps in the crumbled concrete and twisted iron, the robots can self-assemble into different shapes to get past obstacles and even deliver water and medicine to survivors.
 Once a particular task is completed, the swarm of robots can decide to form a new “robotic organism” best suited for the next priority.



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